Frequently Asked Questions

Is Worthing Counselling Centre what used to be Offington Counselling Service?

Yes. We changed our name to better reflect the size and scope of the charity, which has been established almost 35 years.

Is Worthing Counselling Centre what used to be Offington Counselling Service?
Where does counselling take place? 

Easy Access

Most counselling is held in upstairs rooms:

Allan Fletcher Hall, Offington Park Methodist Church, South Farm Road, Worthing BN14 7TN.

Please indicate at the time of enquiry if a ground floor room is needed.

Free Parking

There is ample parking but please note the entrance is on Broomfield Avenue BN14 7RY, not South Farm Road.

We hire rooms for counselling from
Offington Park Methodist Church. 

How much does counselling cost?

Worthing Counselling Centre is an independent charity.

 Fast access and financially supported options are available

Supported Counselling – If cost could be a barrier, we offer financially supporte counselling, depending on what you can afford

An initial 1 hour consultation with a counsellor costs £30.

Ongoing counselling is £25–£35 per session.

There is no means test – we ask you to be as honest and generous as possible. Our ability to offer counselling in the community depends on all our clients understanding our charitable status.

Fast Access Counselling – If you wish to start counselling without having to wait

With our standard fee option, we aim to see you within a week for your initial consultation and  you continue with the same counsellor for your ongoing weekly counselling.

The cost is £42 per session for individuals.

Bursary Fund

We have a small, limited fund available.

To apply, please ask for an application form when you attend your initial consultation. Applications are assessed by the Head of Clinical  Services.

Who is counselling suitable for? 

Most people come with a particular problem e.g. a bereavement, relationship difficulty, anxiety etc. Others come because they feel life could be better or wish to explore life choices or find out more about the way they tick.

We do not work with those currently using non-prescribed, classified drugs or who attend under the influence of alcohol. We are able to offer advice on alternative services and are willing to work with those who have withdrawn from these influences.

How long does counselling last? 

Counselling varies in duration – it can be short or long term. Some counselling can be very focussed and take a short time. Sometimes a client might wish to work on various issues and at greater depth, this generally takes longer.

We aim for the ending to be a planned conclusion, at the mutual agreement of counsellor and client.

You can encourage someone to come for counselling, but it is important that the person concerned takes responsibility for making contact with us and comes because they feel the need or wish to explore issues.

Counselling takes place at weekly intervals to allow a sense of commitment and continuity and enable steady progress. It is important to have regular and consistent sessions to benefit from therapy. (Go back to homepage)

Can I refer someone else for counselling?
Why is counselling weekly?
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