Worthing Counselling Centre’s aim is to provide counselling as widely as possible at a low cost. 

As a charity we ensure that no-one is excluded from counselling because of cost.

Affordable Counselling For You.

Initial Consultation

We will arrange an initial consultation with a qualified counsellor who is a member of BACP/UKCP/NCS

During the initial consultation general details and history are discussed to ensure that counselling is appropriate for you at this time.

Weekly sessions will be discussed with your friendly counsellor.

WE CURRENTLY HAVE A WAITING TIME OF 4 to 12 weeks, however do contact us and we will work with you to find the right support 



£50.00 per session

We ask that if you earn over £30,000 or are able to afford it, that you pay £50.00, our standard fee option.

We are a charity and this standard fee enables us to offer supported counselling for people in Worthing and surrounding areas

supported counselling

£30.00 – £40.00 per session

If cost could be a barrier, we offer financially supported counselling, depending on what you can afford

There is no means test – we ask you to be as honest and generous as possible. Our ability to offer counselling in the community depends on all our clients understanding our charitable status.



We have a small, limited fund available if you are in receipt of benefits or have a very small income. 

To apply, please ask for an application form when you contact the centre. All applications are assessed by the Head of Clinical Services.

What we offer

We provide a safe, confidential space to talk with a skilled counsellor.

We work with individuals age 16+

Counselling sessions are weekly, lasting 50 minutes and take place with the same counsellor.

Counselling may be short, medium or long term. We will work with you to decide what is most appropriate for your individual needs.


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Registered Charity: No. 1181141