• We provide a safe, confidential space to talk with a skilled counsellor

  • We work with individuals and couples​ age 18+


  • Child bereavement counselling


  • Counselling sessions are weekly, lasting 50 minutes and take place with the same counsellor in the same room, at the same time each week


  • Counselling may be short-term or an open-ended, longer term arrangement. We will work with you to decide what is most appropriate for you

What we offer


Starting Counselling

Standard Fee and Financially Supported options available

Confidentiality is assured within

the Centre, with the following exceptions: if your counsellor has reason to believe that either you or a third party is in danger of serious harm, or in certain circumstances where matters of a criminal nature are revealed and your counsellor may be under legal obligation

to break confidence.


With our standard fee option, you will be asked to attend for an initial consultation, where some general details and history are discussed to ensure that counselling is appropriate for you at this time.  Following this, a counsellor will be assigned to you for weekly counselling, depending on availability.


     See Cost for further details.

By paying our standard fee, you are helping us to provide Supported Counselling for those who cannot afford our Standard fee.


If cost could be a barrier, we offer financially supported counselling, depending on what you can afford

During the initial consultation some general details and history are discussed to ensure counselling is appropriate for you at this time. Your fee is also discussed. Following this, a counsellor will be assigned to you for weekly counselling, depending on availability.


This is likely to be a different counsellor from the one you see for your initial consultation. You will, however, see the same counsellor each week for ongoing weekly counselling.

See Cost for further details.

Child bereavement counselling

We provide counselling for those who have experienced the death of a baby or a child up to the age of sixteen.

We are grateful to the founders of the Danielle Henderson Lollipop Fund who have donated a sum we hold in reserve for the specific purpose of alleviating some of the pain of child bereavement. Up to six sessions of counselling are available free of charge, although any donation is appreciated to help us maintain this service.

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