What is Counselling?

Counselling uses the connection between thoughts and words to reach these inner feelings. There could be underlying reasons, such as past events, which help explain why you are affected by certain situations or find yourself reacting in a particular way.

Your counsellor will not judge you and is impartial. If you are not one for talking or are concerned that some things may be too painful to talk about, this is where the experience and skill of the counsellor comes in to gently move things forward.

We provide a safe, confidential space to listen and talk in a way that helps you explore what you are finding difficult, so that you can see more clearly what is happening and find a way forward

Person-centred Therapy is based on the assumption that being able to express emotions freely in the safe, non-judgmental space provided by the counsellor enables clients to explore negative feelings. This helps to come to terms with those feelings and develop resources for dealing with them.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) looks at the way we react to our thoughts, beliefs and feelings and works to change behaviour. Sessions are structured and focus mainly on present difficulties, using clear techniques and goals. Homework is often set.

There are different kinds of counselling or ‘talking therapies’. These are three of the main ones, although there are others, and also variations of these. Our counsellors are trained in an integrative way, which means that we look to draw on ‘tools’ from these different methods. We believe it is more important to tailor the counselling to the individual than to prescribe any particular counselling method.

Psychodynamic Therapy explores early life experiences to gain an understanding of current thought patterns, feelings, behaviours and relationships. This understanding forms a base for finding helpful ways of dealing with difficulties.

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