What Clients Say

​Here is a sample of feedback we have received from clients at the end of counselling which we have been given permission to use – we do not share names to protect confidentiality. This a brief selection of many similar comments:

“A massive thank you to my counsellor first of all! Her professional and kind manner helped me to see clearly again. The work with her enabled me to make important decisions which significantly improved my quality of life. I was able to rebalance my work and home life and so much more.”

“Our sessions have encouraged self-reflection and the opportunity to talk without pre-judgement or prejudice.

I will look back on our time as a turning point for many issues in my life.”

“You have changed our lives … for the better! Thanks.”

“I don’t think I could have got where I am without all your help.”

“Thank you so much for being my counsellor. I am in awe of your expert skills and have benefitted so much from them.”

“Thank you for your constant patience, encouragement, understanding and care. Having a space for ‘me’ in the week and someone uninvolved and

non-judgemental has made a huge difference and means a great deal.”

“Counselling has given me my life back. My counsellor has made me realise that the real me does still exist. I would recommend this service to anyone.”

“I feel sure that what I have learnt from you will be of invaluable benefit for years to come. Thank you for the support and for listening.”