Coronavirus (Covid-19)

   At this difficult time when we are in a state of uncertainty, many of us are struggling with anxiety over our own health and the health of our loved ones, our income, our shopping, living in isolation, losing our jobs and much more.

   We hope that some of the following might be of help to those of you who are experiencing an escalation of worry and anxiety at this time. 

   Worry can be helpful if it leads to action and coping, but if you are worrying about situations which are out of your control and making you anxious, maybe you could try a different strategy:

  • Practice postponing your worry and limiting it to a set time and length of time each day

  • Speak to yourself with kindness and compassion rather than berating yourself

  • Practice mindfulness - live more “in the moment”, concentrating on the here and now

  • Set a daily routine

  • Stay as physically and mentally active as possible

  • Practice gratitude - find something to be thankful for each day if you can

  • Notice what triggers your worry and do your best to avoid it - maybe stop listening to the news, or if you cannot do that, ensure that you rely on reputable sources

   It is natural to struggle when times are uncertain, so remember to offer care and compassion to yourself, and to those around you.  You may like to read this guide, available over the internet:

Above all, please do continue to observe the advice and guidance from the Government and the NHS

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